Japanese mgtow otakus: how to overcome my nervousness around Japanese mgtow otakus & be warned this question may or may not be long

To explain this question a bit better to start off like i said I'm a otaku,I'm a gamer,I'm a final fantasy fan/huge fan aka final fantasy nerd,I'm a Hentai fan i love Hentai & i love Hentai stuff.Since we both mgtow otakus in both east & here in America love good games,good anime & good manga both VR & non-VR you'll know what i mean & don't worry I'm including Hentai,sexy games,NSFW games,import games,adult games,eroge games,Hentai games,varies VN including dating sims games & otome games,Hatsune Miku & volcaloid too as well.& yes I'm including mmos i.e Onigiri & Warframe as 2 of the many examples too as well & i admit that i might be a bit nervous around Japanese mgtow otakus because for 1 they might have more stuff in their collection then me & 2 well what if i can't speak their language.But however i don't mind being friends with Japanese mgtow otakus if they want to be friends with me & for now i only know 3 Words in Japanese i think i know at least 3 or 5 words in Japanese at the moment & i don't mind to learn Japanese if he is willing to teach me & if i ever encounter any Japanese mgtow otakus in public i might not know what to say to them.Don't worry I'll defend us fellow mgtow otakus if you fellow mgtow brothers think i should & i guess I'll leave it here or at least for now unless i choose to update this question more thanks & thanks for your advice ahead of time :). via /r/MGTOW https://ift.tt/2JPvsNL

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