Just Started Dark Souls III

Just started DS3, and this game does not screw around.I'm at second Lothric Wall bonefire and 20 deaths in, only 5 of which were at the hands of that black cancer boss at the start. Why do I have the feeling that black thing is going to be a theme from there on out, and it's the Abbys cancer or something, and that there will be an Arthorias equivalent that has it?Anyhow, traps seem to work a lot better in this game than previous 2, enemies are harder to spot due to all the praying hollows and overabundance of details. And there's always that time when you try and hit a hollow and a hentai reject tries to eat your face.Love the game so far and the blend of DS1 and DS2 it has. Can't wait to see more of it.Thanks for reading my little rant, wanted to post this somewhere ;) via /r/darksouls3 https://ift.tt/2Htiero

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