Kiana Kaslana, i finally found you!

I’m the one who initiated the first thread about censorship, and i had gave up on the game cuz of that. However a twist of events made me try the game again and just try to ignore the censorship cuz there is no other games similar to this (fast action) where you actually play it instead of letting on auto 24/7.I don’t know why, but suddenly i remembered about a (kinda old) video of Kiana that i used to use as animated wallpaper with my computer. I loved that clip but had no clue about that character or where she was from. I had to sell my computer few years ago (rip money) but i always vaguely remembered that amazing character, whoever she was. Today i remembered her name sounded Kiana (I didn’t fully remember this, so idk if it was Tiana or Kiana or something) and had a hunch: what if this honkai main character is the same character from that video? 🤔I tried to search for Kiana Kaslana videos and Boom there’s she! Kiana Kaslana. Damn... I couldn’t believe after all these years i had her in my desktop dancing and singing happily and never had any idea or clue she was a videogame character.Now i have a personal obligation of playing this game and get all her different valks types! I even forgot this game have any censorship. Censorship? What is that? Dood, this game has Kiana Kaslana! The singing muse!PS: please don’t get me wrong (hentai), i always liked the concept of vocaloid and admired Hatsune Miku, but never liked her enough to watch one of her shows through VR or online except one or two. When i found Kiana clip for the first time, i think she was better than Miku in every way. She is my favorite virtual idol although i knew she was Chinese. Mixed feelings about that as i was always loyal to Japan stuff and never thought one day i would prefer a Chinese character, lol.For the ones interested in knowing the video clip i was talking about, it’s this one: that i watched the clip again, her voice is definitely not the same as the game, lol. I thought it was an official idol video.Edit: seeing as this clip is so popular, i wonder if there are others out there like me, who loves the clip but have absolutely no idea we can actually play as that character in a mobile game. Lol. via /r/HonkaiImpact

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