Looking for gay men's groups that won't ostracize me for being ftm

Basically, exactly what it says.I recently joined an LGBT discord server and for the most part it's pretty good, but I've come to realize I'm the only gay guy there.To the point where I've gotten shit from others for not being into women, or that I "should just be bi instead" and it's frustrating as hell.I joined the group mainly because I have no gay friends. It's stupid, and probably sounds ridiculous, but I just want even a handful of other people that I can have this in common with.That said, I know there's a decent amount of cis gays that want nothing to do with me on mere principal, so I feel a bit stuck.If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be wonderful. I really love the Discord format, but even searching for it I'm finding mostly general LGBT groups and hentai/roleplay things.I just want to have the relief for five seconds of not getting the "but girls are prettier!" In regards to something that wasn't a choice, and isn't a bad thing. via /r/lgbt https://ift.tt/2vtxnEt

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