Lumi, answers? True/Original gender? Answers? Who is Lumi?

So there is a twitch streamer and YouTube'r known as Lumi,TwitchYouTubeShe claims in here bio to be and i quote" am a girl born in California named Kylie..."but as you may see from her streams and videos that she seems to be a I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I want to get to the bottom of this. Judging by her bio on twitch if she was originally born as a male which i suspect is the case, then her original name was "Kyle", again this is all guessing. She claims to love shroud and is absolutely insane at PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUND's). She has a pretty good mic from me looking at it which seems has a TERRIBLE quality on her videos on stream and on YouTube. Which set off the first red flag to me. I thought either,She is using a voice changer to make her voice sound more feminineOr most likely she lowered her quality of her mic or has it super compressed because her "female voice" doesn't fully sound like a believable female so she changed the pitch of her mic or something to make it sound more feminine.She from what I've seen does wear a bra, a sports bra from what I saw on her stream when she got up. OK Next thing.... Her discord.... So I joined her discord in an attempt to see if there were...maybe some answers here as to my internal questions. To which I was surprised to find this . "Her" discord has an nsfw channel, nsfw-anime channel, and an nsfw-trans-cd channel. Unfortunately I did browse these channels to see if I might FINALLY find some true answers, to which I was greeted by unpleasant images which I should have expected from the titles of the channels. So, here is what we know so far Lumi seems a little off visually (NO OFFENSE SORRY NOT SORRY), her voice seems like a fake female voice OR a male voice going through the process of taking estrogen changing to a female voice, she seems to talk and/or use phrases that is associated with a stereotypical "gamer guy", and she has a discord that she owns where she fancies Hentai, Transgender Hentai, Transgenders, and other NSFW stuff (Not just hentai, I'm not over generalizing I'm just saying the most important for this post). I was monitoring her chat, and discord chats which seem to be chock-full of Transgenders. All getting VERY VERY offended of someone seems to hint at the true gender of Lumi, or ask the elephant in the room question, were you originally male. What does Lumi respond with?"Chillllll, you guys just neeed to chilll"O-K, She avoids any answering the questions being asked. Here's something else, one of her big rules >"No malicious racist/sexist/discriminatory comments/questions" Ok so when someone does ask the question and she doesn't respond with "Chill" she will say that it is against Twitch T.O.S. for her to answer. Now I don't think I'm being insensitive, but I do NOT think for one second it is sexist, racist, discriminatory, to ask the big question just out of curiosity. I understand her rule until it says questions. So no questions? We aren't even supposed to ask, as one of her rules in her chat. So I was wondering if Reddit could do some..investigative research and find out the truth about Lumi. If not, then I hope I informed you about something interesting on twitch!P.S. I do not mean any of this in any malicious way, I wish all the best to Lumi, and I support her if she is transgender. I just want the big question to be answered. Lumi is a god at PUBG, way better than I'll ever be. Please don't spread any hate to her as this is not meant as a hate post. via /r/answers

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