M/20 Looking for friends

Hello everybody :)I don't want to waste your time so I will give you some information about "why we should be friend :D":1-I'm from France (Paris) so if you want to know more about the french language, our country or our culture I'm your man 2-I'm studying archeology since 3 years and I made a lot of archeological works so if you like history I'm your man too 3-I love roaming in odd places like abandoned houses, forests, ruins etc... so if you like the adventure I'm still your man 4-I'm into japanese culture, I dated a japanese girl for 2 years and discovered this awesome country through our discussion and I'm studying japanese for one year now. So if you like japan too ... this time you're the one I'm looking for. 5-I love history and WW1 and WW2 so if you have any interesting story about it I'm ... your man :D 6-I'm funny and realy open minded (yes I know it's an awesome combo :) ) so I can totaly speak about every topic from the global geopolitical to the unicorns, the syrian conflict to hentai, the korean threat to the cute doggos.So now that you know a few about me send me a PM and let's be friend :D We can talk through whatsapp, discord, mail or reddit as you wish.Have a nice day :) via /r/Needafriend https://ift.tt/2FbeGVE

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