[M4A] A couple ideas to choose from. Lets transform as much as possible!

Cosplay Changes you!I've been to a few conventions in my time. Anime Expo, Comic Con, BlizzCon, and more. One of my favorite parts of going is seeing all the amazing cosplays people put together. Well, this weekend I decided to bite the bullet and put my own cosplay together for this little local convention. Before I debut, I want to make sure I experience the con out of costume too, so I decide to just visit and go in costume on day 2.Overall, the con is pretty standard. Some interesting panels alongside a slew of mediocre ones. The exhibition hall had some pretty interesting stuff and a surprising large number of hentai artists and lewd booths. The cosplays, though. They were very interested.As the day went on, all the male cosplayers disappeared. I later saw the same characters in genderbent form, though. Following that same trend, the outfits got sluttier and sluttier the later clock read. By the time the exhibition hall, there were still dozens of cosplayers, but all of them had towering heels, tiny shorts and skirts practically showing underwear, and mountains of cleavage.I'm almost certain that every character I saw cosplayed, I saw twice: once fairly normal, and later slutty as hell. It all makes me nervous and excited for when I finally throw my costume on. Sibling TransformationsIt was a dumb contest you entered over a month ago, but you never actually though you would win. Lo an behold, sitting on our doorstep is a package from the contest. The plain cardboard box has no logos and no return address, but it has your name on it. You bring it inside and open it up, finding a small envelope and a sealed plastic bottle.The bottle has some kind of soda in it, but it is thick, opaque, and purple. The label says nothing about serving size or ingredients, only a flashy logo saying "You Win!"Deathly curious, you open the letter. "Congratulations! You won our 'Change Your World' contest. Included in this package is all you need to change the world around you, as you see fit! Simply drink our patent pending formula and have fun!"Once again, no logos and no return address. The whole thing seems incredibly sketchy, but that packaging is very high quality and you vaguely remember entering that contest. You stand there in the kitchen, staring at the bottle and debating with yourself about the bottle and it's contents. What did they mean, 'Change the world around you'?Before you come to a decision, I walk in and grab the bottle off the table."What's this?" I inspect the bottle while skillfully avoiding your attempts to swipe it out of my hands. I'm your brother, and I just love to tease you. "Did you order this or something? You know those weight loss programs online don't work, right?" I laugh and set the bottle on the counter again.I'm home from college for a few days. Since I've been at school, I've grown out my red hair. It's almost down to my shoulders and absolutely glorious as I like to say. I've also lost enough weight to look fit and started wearing contacts instead of glasses. All in all, it's been quite a transformation from forgettable nerd to head-turning hunk. I've played both of these prompts a couple times before, but I'm hoping to really focus on transformation after transformation. With the Cosplay prompt, I've really liked having us visit a booth for free 'Cosplay Improvements' that change us. I was also thinking that removing the costume completely removes the transformation and lets s change again into a different costume. The sibling one is a lot more free-form. Anything you desire in that one, I just want a lot of transformations.I really like TG, exotic genitals, unrealistic sizes, bimbofication, breast expansion, cock expansion, anthro, feminization, hypnosis, body swap, and plenty others. I don't like weight gain, inflation, inanimate, gore, or anything bathroom/toilet related. If you're interested, send me a pm saying 'A Unique Encounter' so I know you read this. I'm willing to play on here, on kik, or on discord. Just talk to me! via /r/TransformationRP https://ift.tt/2qy0PnY

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