(M4A) Pick A Prompt. Halloween is dangerous in Gotham. Sex virus. You're not who you said you were and Gloryhole Temptation.

Good morning ladies, gentleman and everything in-between.I've got four new prompts for you to choose from. All roles are open to both male and female.(Prompt #1)Halloween Is Dangerous In GothamIt really is. Scarecrow normally has something planned or Calendar Man always has a chance of showing up but worst of all is deciding what to wear. If you wear anything hero like then there is a chance of getting kidnapped and tortured by some Villian. Or if you go through other way and wear something evil looking then there is a chance of getting your head kicked in by the Bat family, or some other Villian.The premises of this one is that one of us plays an average Joe on Halloween who picks a costume that gets them noticed by some hero/villian. The the other one plays said hero/villian who goes about 'torturing' them. (And by that I mean in a sexual way, just in case you were thinking actual torture)This can go so many ways. I could play the costumed person and you the Hero/Villian or vice versa. We can discuss who's playing who/what in KiK. The Hero/Villian doesn't have to be from Batman if you want, it's just Gotham seemed the best place for this. It's up to you who you play, only I won't be playing female (sorry).(Prompt #2)Sex Virus(Basically have you ever seen the Hentai Kansen? It's basically that)My alarm woke me up just like everyother schoolday. I quickly got cleaned, dressed and headed downstairs. Passing my parents room I'm sure I heard some kind of whimpering coming from inside but I wrote it off as being the TV. I made my way down to the breakfast table, with only my mom and sister there, my dad's absence noticeable. They seemed to sense my presence and quickly turned their head. Their eyes a bright red and filled with lust. They both lunged at my and I quickly ran out of the house. After I got a decent distance away from them I checked my phone for some kind of answers, apparently it was like this in most places but I continued onwards to school in hope of being safe there.That's basically the premise of this one. A virus has turned people into sex crazed maniacs that don't care about socialites taboos. We can work out who we're playing and what the virus actually does on KiK.(Prompt #3)It's just a good picture(working title)My wife was away on a month long business trip, leaving me alone and uncared for. I got bored and eventually started looking up casual dating sites/whores (could be either). I found this cute little thing on there, they had a full bio, which most people don't bother with, and was fun to talk to online. So one day I decided to bite the bullet and invite them over for some 'fun'. However when I open the door they ain't exactly who they said they were, and they ain't leaving until they get what they came for.Premise for this one is basically you catfish me with fake info and show up at my house ready to be fucked stupid. Exactly who you are playing and why you were hiding it is up to you. Are you some young girl (15+) using her older sisters picture? A curious boy who saw my pictures but was worried I wasn't into that? My old ex that's stalking me? An older woman who thought I was only interested in young things? Are you some kind of furry animal who was covering as a human? A Succubus needing an invite into a house for feeding time? Go wild. The possibilities are (kinda) endless.(Prompt #4)Gloryhole Temptation (most basic one. AKA least thought out one)Me and my wife were wandering about the club/mall/sex shop/restaurant when you catch a glimpse of me and more importantly my bulge. Sensing an opportunity for some quality dick you sneak into the men's bathroom and wait. Luckily (/conveniently) I walk into the stall next to you, not noticing the hole in the wall. Now you just have to convince the loyal married man to stick his dick into some unknown Jezebel's mouth.As I said, most basic one. Who you're playing is again up to you, as my last prompt pointed out I'm fine with anything. Also what happens after the initial encounter is up for debate. Do you follow me home, eager to have a constant dose of dick? Do I give you my number so we can community? Do you just jump in my stall and we fuck like rabbits? Do I constantly come back, eager to have you again? I like discussing how things will go with people.About meI'm a Scottish Dom-leaning switch. I'm in GMT and normally work full-time (I'm on holiday this week) so apologies if you find this later and I don't respond quickly.My KiK is - *TheCITM *My kinks include - Anal, Cheating, Dirty Talk, Risky/public sex, Power Bottoms, Lipstick (strange I know), titfucks. There is more but those are the main. Limits - It all depends on the context. I'm not a fan of catching anal but it's more on the maybe side than a firm no. So basically none.If you message me please say which prompt/s you're interested in, also you kinks/limits. That always has to be my first message back. Also if you have any ideas I'm open to hearing them, I've tried to make these more open than my last set.Speaking of my old set, they are still open if you're more interested in them but I must warn you I'm really tired of playing the Corrupting Father one. People just don't seem to get it.Hope to hear from you soon and we can have all kinds of dirty fun. 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