[M4A] Senpai is here

Hi all,I want to be your senpai. Maybe you just confessed to me? Maybe I finally took notice of you? Maybe you got tired of it and just flat out told me to fuck you. Really anything can happen.Now I am only going to be playing male but I am open to both guys and girls to message me. I can be as dirty or as clean as you want me to be.Things that will get you to the top: ageplay, cock worship, obedience, toilet play, dirty talk, hentai dirty talkWhat I am not looking for: vore, gore, femdomGive me a description or pic of your character with kinks/limits and anything else you want to include.I don't talk to people with short replies. so please be descriptive. And no irl pics of any kind...seriously...Kik me @ breedingwhitemale via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HD8Qz1

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