[M4F] Anime Fandom Roleplay

So, basically, I have a couple of anime I’d love to base a roleplay off of with someone. I’m open to most of the ships in any of these shows, so we’ll get to that part if you decide to send me a message.The anime i wanna roleplay are: Seven Deadly Sins Baka to test Boku no Hero Academia High School DxD Monster Musume No Game No Life Prison School Heaven’s Lost Property ToraDora HaganaiIf you haven’t seen any of these, I am open to just doing a basic hentai-inspired plot.I want at least decent detail and good grammar. While the roleplay will be mainly dirty, some or most of these will have a romantic basis to them Response time doesn’t need to be instant, but I don’t want to wait more than a day for most responses.If this interests you, please message me with what anime you’d be interested in doing and if there are any specific characters you want to do.My kik is OnnudoI look forward to roleplaying with you! via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HdfEGO

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