M4F Not for the faint of heart

Disclaimer: I'm a legal consenting adult seeking to play out a completely fictional fantasy with other legal consenting adultsHi there! Tonight I’m looking for something a little dark to chat or Role play! I’m at work now so will be slow to respond, but will be able to later in a few hours, if you have Kik drop your name and i will Hit you up.Basically the idea is that I’m either a teacher, stepdad, stranger who takes you, a flirty high school senior fresh off of graduation, and breaks you. After a few weeks of grooming, I eventually get bored with you. I take my cock out of your throat and ask you to introduce me to your little friends, and wiping the cum and spit from your chin you cheerily nod in agreement.In short I want you to help me rape your friends! I’d love it if it was your little sister who wants to be adult like you, or maybe a friend over for a sleepover who you tease that if she cums then it’s not rape. Honestly the darker the better, it doesn’t have to be strictly roleplay either, we can just chat about our depravity, haha.Kinks are non-con (obviously), size, rough sex, ‘hentai logic’ (reluctance turned to enthusiasm), and pretty much everything else excepting hard violence and scat.Hope to hear from you soon via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HrAteu

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