[m4f] pantyhose RP [longterm]

Hello I am Allan 35 Male/DominantLooking for a female to play any number of ideas that involve Pantyhose. Any fantasy you wantSome examples might include....Schoolgirl and teacherPatient and doctorGymnast and coachFather and daughterHusband and wife/waifuFigure Skater and InstructorCosplayer and photographerMixed WrestlingSuperheroine and villainTentacle Monster and Hentai characterAnything you can think of. As long as it involves pantyhose. Other fetishes, kinks and taboos are also available.Bonus points for ageplay, incest, raceplay, watersports (desperation, omorashi, wetting), spandex, leotards, 1980s culture/fashion and dollificationNegative points for furries, sissies, vomiting, bestiality, and scat. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2qy88uY

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