M4F Rough and Dominant

Hey. I have been RPing for quite some time now and i found out that nothing gets me more excited then turning a normal girl into a submissive toy through blackmail and that kind of stuff.Some of my favorite kinks are: Humiliation, Degradation, Cumplay, Rough sex, Public/Stealth sex, Kinky clothes, Turning girls into a slut and a whole lot more.I only do Longterm RPs and if you are not descriptive then its not enjoyable for me. Also if you enjoy hentai and use it as a reference picture then that is a huge plus. In your first message tell me a bit about what kind of scenarios you enjoy and your kinks and limits. If you just say hi i wount answer. We will think of a scenario together on kik. My user name is Nick__Roleplay (it has two underscores) Hope to see you soon. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HicFgl

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