[Manga Spoilers] Sex and Titans

Ok now when I shamelessly got your attention let me share one complain I have with the show. And let me clarify one thing at the beginning. As everyone else I am aware that this is not porn nor hentai (thankfully), so my issue is not lack of sex. The issue is more about romantic relationships. And it is not about the issue of relationship being crucial, and that because them story does not work (the story already works well). Just that addition of it in a small degree would further enrich the world and make it more real, as well raise the stakes.So my issue is that no one of main character has or is show in (un) stable relationship. Ok there are some hints of romantic interest (Mikasa -> Eren, Jean -> Mikasa, Eren -> Annie, Eren -> Historia, Ymir -> Historia, etc.), but as you can see they are all one sided...i.e. friendzoned.What I find weird is that in such a small and closely knit community such as Survey Corps, a community that lives each day like it is their last, there is no romantic relationship. As that is usually a thing that happens, especially in stressful situations. Further, most of them are teenagers, and we know what happens with teenagers ;)So here you have it. I am not sure why Isayama did not put at least some ideas that there are couples among our heroes. It should not be forced, but having for instance jokes among the team about someone's girlfriend/boyfriend, would make this incredibly complex and captivating world, even more interesting and alive. And the losses would be more tragic. (Ymir's death was for instance profiting of such a notion)Anyone else having the similar issue?EDIT For those who misunderstood... I am not saying that I want relationship as a center of the story, nor elaborated in detail. Just hints that is happening... like for instance that unlucky couple at the start of the battle of Trost via /r/ShingekiNoKyojin https://ift.tt/2HxLez4

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