My life as a older otaku/adult otaku so far at the moment

Sometimes i feel like a loser due to me being a older virgin otaku & I'm what you called a adult otaku at my age at age of 30 years old & I admit that sometimes I'm either surrounded by normies or casuals.& yes I'm including my family including my parents,my friends & if i ever encounter SJWs scums & feminists & yes I'm a new fan of Hatsune Miku/vocaloid too as well i do love other songs & music artists other than Asian songs & Asian music artists if that makes sense.& in terms of VR i only have a Oculus Rift in my collection so far at the moment & yes I'm including both VR & non-VR too as well no no I'm not attacking anyone & yes I'm staying single btw & sometimes i feel like I'm alone & no i don't have any otaku friends.To end it here or at least for now I'll gladly say it again that I'm a otaku,I'm a gamer,I'm a final fantasy fan/huge fan aka final fantasy nerd,I'm a Hentai fan I love Hentai & I love Hentai stuff & other than that don't worry I'm doing awesome as always so far :). via /r/rant

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