Not sure why I decided to start this journey.

I haven't masturbated in 3 days. It's unusual for me. It has happened before but rarely. I often masturbate 1-3 times a day. This time, my stop got me thinking... Why do I masturbate, why so often, what are the benefits and cons to my behaviour ?I know that i am (or was), more or less, a sex addict. I've had meaningless sexual encounters over the years: Blind dates, partners I picked up in bars, etc... With the years i even hooked up with same sex partners and transexuals. Not my favorite but it provided some kind of relief. That's only then that I figured out i had a problem...Nowadays I am in a LTR, but my partner and i don't have the same sex drive. So i tend to compensate with masturbation. I often use Porn and hentai as motivation but also use my (quite vivid) imagination.I see sex as something positive, and masturbation as an harmless way to blow off some steam.I have trouble focusing, probably a minor ADHD. Masturbation is part of my ritual to regain focus. But I am not sure the dopamine surges are beneficial in the long run.So, a bit out of nowhere, i am starting this journey. I read some articles and found this subreddit. So far it's ok, but I feel an urge and my body feels "tense" for the lack of a better word.In the end, I think its the next step in my journey of having a better grasp on my life. (Last year I lost 15 pounds and started working out with bodyweight techniques).Thank you for reading me so far. via /r/NoFap

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