Nudes of the 2 tails jinchuriki

This isn’t anything NSFW but in a filler episode, Team 7 was assigned to get the paw print of a ninja catBefore the massacre Itachi sent Sasuke out on a mission to get the paw print of all the catsThis mission required so get the big boss man cat. Naruto suggested asking for it. One of the ninja cats said ‘it’s like if a human took off all your clothes and took a picture of you’But earlier in the episode it was saying how before the massacre, Sasuke got all the paw prints except for the two tails, and big bad boss man cat. But the old lady at the Uchiha hideout said the two tails jinchuriki happily gave a paw print when askedI know it’s nothing important but I’ve been meaning to make a post about it and I find it kind of interestingEDIT - I’m sorry for my lack of hentai included in this post via /r/Naruto

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