ok if you're going to post on this subreddit

ok if you're going to subscribe and post on this subreddit please do not post child hentai or loli whatever the bombers call it i am very sensitive to that and by "i" i mean my dick. if you want to post a fortnite win please post a clit of it so i can photoshop it. please do not post stolen memes, that's my job. also don't swear my dad is looking over my monitor as he pounds his thicc dicc in my tight little ass-pussy oh yeah daddy oh shit yeah oh fuck yeah daddy cum in me and make your son proud and pregnant keep sucking me mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm hey don't french kiss me i can't breathe omg im positive for pregnancy and hiv oh well imma turn it into hi-we with my daddy cos we in this together hell yeah via /r/xxCrunchYYT https://ift.tt/2GL63Tf

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