Please someone read this, let me know you are listening. It might save his life.

I am a junior college transfer student who is shy, introverted, played ton of hentai games, a virgin, and have depression. I was at my lowest but after years of self reflection and going through my lowest point I never been more hopeful. I go through my own pace and learn to leave that scared bullied kid behind and found out that people are not after you and want to be your friends. I coming out off my shell but the things that are coming out is a pure hated of my brother. He is a alcoholic who been terrorizing me and my family for 10 years.He recently kick down our porch door in after leaving him to go out to dinner for an hour. He crawled thru the front window into the porch with his ex convict alcoholic friends and kick the door down. He is showing people he dont know how to break into his home. His "friend" are always sitting in that porch making into a hangout for alcoholics despite the fact me, his mother, and 65 year old grandmother are telling him we are fucking terrified of them but he basically called us haters. They are always stating at his 12 year old daughter like they want to fuck her yet he said that is impossible because they are his friends.Keep note that we are living in one of the worse neighborhood in our city there is a real possibility they could kill us all. Also, he constant scream at our mother calling her things that will make any women instantly throw up and blaming her for him drinking so much. She alone pay our bills and I thinking that the stress of everything is slowing killing her. She at risk of having a fucking stroke. He steal anything valuable from us including food to sell for a drink or giving to his "friends who needed him". He goes in and out of the house in the middle of the night and screaming at people near our house I don't know the last time my grandma has a decent night of rest. He gets food stamps and he always mysterious disappears causing my mother to recently have a nervous breakdown thinking that we are going to starve.He said that he gave it to his junkie/alcoholic friend because he needed it more and that we lying and we are alright. People, this man dont give a rat ass towards anything but his own self pity. I can keep screaming at him but he wont listen. He be drunk for almost 3 weeks and he doesn't fail at making us miserable at each day. I can actually fell my sanity slipping and I am so scared. Scared that the next time he come into my room with his sob story then proceed to call me things that will make satan blush I will kill him. I fantasizing about killing him.Thats why next semester I am moving into my college. I feel so guilty of leaving my family with him but I at my limit. I am even scared that the period of time between now and fall I will not make it. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKSTABFUCKFUCK HIM TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. via /r/offmychest

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