Questions have been raised. [Spoilers]

I've been reading into no fap on and off for about a year. Recently just got fed up with my addiction and did a deep dive into researching and now I'm on day 2 of 60 (a goal I set for myself) I realize 90 is the "challenge" but when I thought of that I felt intimidated. So when I reach 60 I'll celebrate with a night of gaming and bump my goal to 90. But 2 days in I have some questions. Now I think I remember a post about triggering some people on here and I'm not exactly sure how that works but who am I to ruin some one's streak. So from this point on consider this a trigger warning. Read ahead if you dare..:p anyway I've got a few questions 1. Is sex allowed? I have at girlfriend and our relationship has been suffering due to my not so strange addictions. (Food, porn, masturbation, gaming? Not being active) so ive decided to give this a go but she is pretty reliant on the D. So scientifically does intercourse give the same harmful effects as masturbation and porn? Should I limit myself? Or is sex a good thing?What day is the hardest day? For my sanity and mental stability in this attempt at supreme willpower, when will the hardest day be? I'm on this journey alone except for the community here This is my first post so I'm not sure how the community is. Some knowledge that it will get worse and it will get better would be fantastic. Being on my second day I've already had some temptations to resist and times where ive opened the no fap app to help, become Inspired or just look at some funny memes.Does the anti fap day counter/ flair on your name work/ help? Can't anyone just lie about the counter even if they relapse? Also can you put it on later starting from whatever day you are on or does it always start from 0? I feel like I only want it so that when I get to a year people here are impressed. Ok d of a selfish thing.. so I'm reluctant to put it on.When do I see benefits? During research I found 2-3 months. What's your opinion5 trigger Waring? So porn is all good because women actually exist in real life and I can have intercourse with a woman. Okay so porn Is a thing I can live without. But being a big anime fan throughout my life I got into Hentai. Not always but occasionally I dabble. Now stopping the use of porn and Having real women in my life is great but it's not like I can stop watching hentai and go out and have sex with/date a 2D anime woman. Also with watching anime a few times a week and with no intention of stopping I feel like this will be the hardest portion of this journey. Though I do not intend to continue watching, It will be one of my greatest challenges. Today I was on Instagram and saw a partially hentai gif and had to stop using my phone immediately. So my question here is what would you guys/gals do in this situation? I can't substitute or replace with a better option like regular porn.#B.O.N.U.S Question!!!# air horn sound Bew Bew Bewwwww!!! So there's this really attractive girl who is a secretairy at my workplace. And she stops by my station inside if our machine shop to talk to me either on break, lunch or when she's running an errand for our manager and being in the shop you definitley have to wear earplugs or your ears start to hurt. So I know that when she stops to talk to me for 5-10 minutes it's uncomfortable for her. Yet she still does it. Also she waves and smiles at me whenever she can and only stops to talk to me. She is so energetic, happy, full of life and practically glows. It's come to my realization that I really want to be her friend outside if work. Sure she's attractive but like when we talk I'm not focused on her body I'm focused on her personality and life. I genuinely care and talk to her. I also have a lack of friends and connect with this woman so I really would like to get to know her more. Btw we are both pretty much the same age.Now the question. I've handed in my two weeks resignation letter because I'm going back to school for a partial career change. I have 9 days left with her in my life before I leave. Should I ask her to hang out outside of work? and then if all goes well get her number so I can continue to talk to her? And if yes any pointers on asking a female co worker to hangout with out having an HR nightmare in case I'm wrong about all of this? Also pointers on asking a girl to be friends And not seem like I'm asking her out on a date.trigger Waring for the sake of saving spaceTL;DR: new to no fap. On day 2.Is Sex allowed?What is the hardest day?Does the anti fap counter/flair work?When do i see benifits?Finding porn easy but Hentai hard because I can't replace with 2D women. What's your opinion on this?6.#B.O.N.U.S Question!!!# air horn sound Bew Bew Bewwwww!!! Read up ^ for details.Thank you for reading and commenting. Everyone here as a community is doing something greater than most addiction charities and support groups can, and for free at that. No Fap can be used for a lot of other addictions as well. (Food, tv, gaming, being a potatoe, drugs and many more) you have personally helped me with 3/4 of my food addiction and you have helped countless other people with their fapping and achieving their goals. You guys/gals are the best#tears of happiness emoji # :') via /r/NoFap

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