Rage of attempted Hearthstone returner

I am writing this as my HS client is restarting for the second time not just for this evening, but for the second time during last 10 minutes. I literally cannot comprehend what does the game do that it crashes when playing against Dungeon bots with all other applications excluding the browser closed, when Dota2 functions with me actively tabbing in/out to browser and Telegram with Skype in background. It is not even like the game has crazy-ass flashy animations or tons of options for the turn like MtG attacking+blocking phase for example. Why does Shadowverse with all animations on function properly, after all?! Baited by new expansion, I return to this game only to face Shadderwock and the most lagging game ever provided by the small indie company, while noname company making hentai card game manages to make it simultaneously better-looking, faster-working and more FtP-friendly(one would think they would have less money from that). Hell, Blizzard even started to steal mechanics from there(Rush). Not seeking for replies or upvotes, it is just that it is the most public I can make my cryout to feel at least slightly better after the ruined experience. They do not even intend to update Dungeons.....such a disappointment. via /r/hearthstonecirclejerk https://ift.tt/2HoMVOs

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