read this and record it if ur cool

Brandon Kun!!! >///< Arigato! Me so Drunka Drunka right nowwww (╯✧▽✧)╯ So happy to find you~! (^ ω ) Meenie weenie otaku in the courtyard yelled at me (O-O) But death comes to all one day!! (〃°ω°〃) hehe~ am I a bad person bwandon kun?? x3 These dummy wummies don't know about memphwissss! (ノ´ з )ノ dey is so triggered (O_O;) but me is desu desu fuuuuucked up (´• ω •)ノ ooh! I didn't know hentai-chan was playing at this panel! Super kawaiiiiii =w= via /r/teenagersnew

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