Sci-fi rp needs dm

"C-c-cyro pod zero one three zero occupant, Michael Alexander Reanov awakening procedure activating in three two one. Thank you for using Syloh cooperation and set sail with S.S. N-n-n-nov-" the recording dies and I wake up from hyperseleep gasping as I fall to the gorund of whats left of the Nova's cargo hold. I relax on the ground to let my body full awaken while coughing, I use my arm's onboard system to see how long I was asleep and I see I was asleep for a thousand years.In the year 2033 I had gotten to my cyro pod on the S.S. Nova to head to a new planet to meet up with my commanding officer but the ship got damaged and crashed on the planet I'm now on. While still in cryo sleep a war had broken out that released a disease that took out many males of different speices but took out half of all human men. Now males are sought after as little more than property and status symbols a family with many sons or husbands would be seen as high class to having powers of royalty, if a human male was found however it would be a huge deal since human males can mate with all alien females. The world i wake up on now has a thriving colony with it being one big city along with one family in charge acting as the royal family.Not just hentaiTHIS IS A RP WHERE YOU ARE MORE THAN ONE DON'T MESSAGED OR COMPLAIN ABOUT IT IF YOU DON'T DO IT THEN WHY DID YOU MESSAGE ME.I will only supply pics for my character pictures of others i meet are on you.Kik is shadowk1ng via /r/Roleplaykik

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