Serious Question! Trigger warning: contains the M-word and other topics related to female only anatomy.

So… I have been curious about something for a while and I could probably look it up online, but I’m kind of hesitant about doing so, because of the amount of shit I’ll probably have to go through…It may seem a bit dirty, as it relates to a fetish… But let’s not let get ahead of ourselves.So, one night I was sitting on /b (that’s on 4chan) and this thread requesting female adults in diaper pictures showed up… I was having my period, my flow was real heavy and I thought “well, one of them diapers might save me from getting up all night…” but since I can hardly even abide by nightpads, I pushed it from my mind.I browsed a bit through threads about furries, or hentai- or hentai furries, I don’t even know. There was a bit about Obama and some monster trucks I think… Also, a piece on the weirdest /b threads ever and it was… weird, I guess.I got off and back to homework – the French Revolution – another bloody mess, pardon my pun. Heads rolling, head on stakes, heads in the sand – just lots of heads, all around.After a while the whole heads off thing got to feel just a bit repetitious, so I returned to /b, hoping to catch one of those Promised Mysterious Posts from the YouTube-videos…I did not. I caught up on some more furry-hentai and got fairly disturbed by a woman in a photograph that looked a lot like me. I mean, like, a lot. Got me thinking about Orphan Black…Then the diaper girl thread resurfaced and I once again considered the possible upside vs. downside as a tool for bloody vaginal discharge, rather than the intended substance of pee (and possibly doodoo).I mean, if the girls in the pictures safely can use the diapers for something else, why shouldn’t I be able to, too?I then realised there might be even more stigma to buying adult diapers for one’s own size and gender (if that is a thing?) and wondered if the girls buy the diapers themselves or have the guys buy them?I then remembered how (a lot) of guys can be about female hygiene products and so my question, which is a two-parter, would be:1) Would (most of) the guys buy the diapers?2) Would their un-/willingness to buy the diaper as all correlate with their un-/willingness to buy tampons and pads? via /r/DeepPhilosophy

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