Should I give her another chance

Hello /raI need some advice. I recently broke up with my fiance off 4 years. I will call her exwifu. She was rather abusive twords me. Degrading me, removing all friends and family from my life. Even to the point where she'd go to places I applied for work and cause a Hugh scene then say it's my fault.Examples of the degrading she did was call everything porn. Litteraly everything. Pokemon was HC porn to her. She would go as far as deleting Pokemon memes and card translations off of my phone. Ironically when we met I was a professional translator for Hentai. Another example of her thing shit is porn is pokken. The announcer talks to you and cheers u on so that's pornAnother example of her abuse is; we went to a concert at a local venue where her friend was playing. Normally concerts where out of the question but she wanted to go so we went. I used to frequent this venue alot in my high school years. Someone from my past came up to me and said hi asked how I was and then left me and exwifu. After the conversation exwifu got drunk then drug me to the side of the venue where no one was and yelled at me for flirting with a stranger. During her shit fit she slapped me several times and ripped up my shirt.During our relationship she cheated 3 times and I took her back all three.She came to my work yesterday went into my desk while I was away and stole my keys and was waiting for me in my car when I got off of work. Cops ended up getting involved and they removed her and gave me back my keys.I'm a fat 23yr old 6.5 who lives with his folks. Exwifu was a solid 8.5 And she can cook a turd to taste good. She is everything I want in a wife but I don't think I can handle the porn thing anymore.After all of this should I give her another chance /ra? I haven't been so conflicted in a whileImage is what was so pornagraphic via /r/relationship_advice

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