So I finished the Evangelion manga. (Spoilers)

Overall, I think the manga is trillions of times better than the anime. The pacing in the manga is way better than the anime. In the anime you get Kaworu dying the first second you see him, whilst the manga gives Kaworu reasonable amounts of screentime before he dies. Not only that, the characters are better as well. You have several characters that have more personality than they did in the anime. Kaworu and Gendo for example, Kaworu in the anime only had a boner for Shinji, nothing else. While in the manga Kaworu actually is a douchebag, but has the boner for Shinji. Hell Kaworu even kisses Shinji in the manga and even a tiny bit of hentai. The reason why I say this is better is simply because more personality is more interesting. Gendo is still a douchebag in the manga like he was in the anime, but i'd say his douche level is multiplied. He grabs Shinji by the collar and states why he doesn't love Shinji, and also calling Shinji names throughout the manga. Hes overall just way more coldhearted. But I feel in the manga Gendo was not only a bitch to Shinji, but he was sometimes not so douchy as well. While Gendo is douchy, I feel like he had some more feeligs for Shinji in the manga. Aside from telling stuff to Shinj, I feel like you could see his fatherly side in the manga. Yeah, I never thought i'd say that. Another aspect why I think the manga is better is because the way certain events play out differently, even minor ones. For example, after Shinji and Asuka met each other, they had to get along, in which Misato put them together so their sync could strengthen in the battle, just like in the anime. But the thing I like about the manga is how Misato made them get along in a different way. Misato basically gets a whole dorm for shinji and asuka, in which they live together for a few days before the battle begins again. Sure, this is a minor thing, but I like how it was done differently. Another example is when Asuka was fighting the Eva series. In the anime, Asuka is kicking ass, but in the manga she really isn't as much. Why is this a good thing for me? Well because when Asuka is about to get torn, Shinji saves her and proceeds to beat the shit out of the nightmare fuel evangelions. Shinji and Asuka have a nice moment together before the eva series regenerate. I like how Shinji actually did something in the manga, sure I know the time unit 1 was deployed in the anime, asuka was already dead, but i personally just like how the manga played out. There's also more events that played out differently but im too lazy to state some more events. A final aspect onto why the manga is superior is because we get more backstory on some characters. Such as Kaji, in the anime we knew nothing much about him. But in the manga, we actually get a chapter on what Kajis life was like after the second impact. And oh boy it was so fucked up. Another thing is Asuka, yes before you say we got backstory on her in the anime, i acknowledge that. But i think the manga overall gave us more info on her than the anime did. We also get to See how Shinjis life was back then. We see his uncles and his family, and even his old friends from back then. We also see how Gendo and Yui met as well.Also something that blew me the fuck away. I originally thought Mari was some random character that came out of nowhere and was only there for boobs, but Mari actually appears in the manga. It completely fucked my mind because I didnt think she existed before the rebuilds.But yeah heres the stuff why I like manga better via /r/evangelion

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