So I started listening to "Alpha world - book 1" today at work...

I discovered unfortunately about half way through the first book it became an Erotica and felt too creepy to listen to at work. Unfortunately I didn't have any other books to listen to instead of that one prepared. So after a long boring day at work without a audiobook I would like to get some help with the remainder of my list of future listens.Unbound DeathlordAlterGameContinue OnlineViridian Gate OnlineHero of TheraThe NeuroReboot: AfterlifeDungeon LordEden's GateDominion of BladesThe Dragon's WrathProject Daily GrindDestiny's CrucibleMorningwoodLions questWorld SeedEverybody Loves Large ChestsIntergalactic Wizard Scout ChroniclesSecret of the Old OnesLuck Stat Strategythe Adventures on BradIntergalactic Wizard Scout ChroniclesThe Bathrobe KnightAccidental ThiefCritical FailureThe Slime Dungeon ChroniclesAncient DreamsI Was Reincarnated as a Magic Academy!The Dark DungeonThe Bound DungeonThe Dungeon HiveThe Devious DungeonDungeon HeartThe Cultivating DungeonRise of the Goblin DungeonA Living DungeonThe LaboratoryThe Dungeon GodsHaven in a Dangerous WorldDungeonborn: Double DownThe Dungeon PactDungeon of the DeadThe Breath of CreationI want to know if any of these have very graphic/ explicit sex scenes. Also I wanted to make sure all of them have audiobooks available. The second part is not as important because I could check each one myself but it would take a while.Edit: For those who don't know what level I mean is too much, in anime terms Ecchi is fine but hentai is too much, Episode 13 of "Green Green" is walking the line.For non-anime people: Rape/ violent sex, descriptions of genitalia, and descriptions of sex acts themselves. Personally I feel disgusted by acts of torture and suffering, but that at least is more explainable to people who overhead my book at work. via /r/litrpg

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