[Spoiler] Why I think Citrus isn't trash: an analysis

Citrus was the latest anime I've finished, and it was stuck in my head for a bit, for many, many reasons. It was the first seasonal show I've watched. And I liked it, despite its many, many flaws, due to some redeeming qualities. Not a lot, granted, but some.I'd like to say first that this is completely my opinion. I am might be riding the high of its ending, and looking into things way too deeply.Also I didn't read the manga. Maybe it's godlike, I don't know. I'm just gonna talk about the anime.Now, let's get started.The good stuffYuzu's character developmentThe whole "incest but not really" thing was something I thought was just to make the romance feel riskier, more taboo. But Citrus at least attempts to merge that selflessness one sibling can have for another; with the selflessness one person can have for their beloved.Yuzu goes through some changes as a character, after seeing how messed up Mei is, and how much she wants to help her.In Episode 5, Yuzu realizes that she has to be more considerate of Mei's feelings, and not just care about her own. That for Mei's benefit, she has to be an elder sister first, and put aside her feelings for Mei's sake. To support her sister, in a non-romantic way, the way she believes to be the correct way to act around her.To go more in depth with that last point, she knows that having romantic feelings for her sister is inappropriate, or at least feels inappropriate. But she cannot just switch her interest off. To assume her role as older sister is to also give her a front in which she can help with Mei's problems without feeling as if she's an outsider, a stranger who is interfering too much with her personal life.She loves Mei. The conflict is that she desperately wants that love to be explicitly familial, but knows that her feelings are erotic and passionate. Both sides of her affect her decisions, whether it's to force her lips onto Mei out of nowhere, to rejecting her sexual advances, or to accept her kiss, in one of the few romantic moments in the show where there is consent from both parties.To me, it was genuinely endearing. It's kinda unfortunate though, considering the rest of the series.The final arcThe difference is with this arc out of every other arc, was that it was the most vanilla. I remember that there was edgy shit in every episode in the beginning. Forced make out session in the first, sexual assault in the second, both by Mei, non-consented kiss in the third, by Yuzu, molestation by Himiko in the fourth.It changed as it went on, though. Mei wants to sleep with Yuzu at the sixth episode. Yuzu however, stops her, because of her belief that being an elder sister is more important than anything else.This arc was also about Yuzu finally confronting the conflict between what she believes to be the correct form of relationship with Mei, the sisterly bond, and the relationship she wants, the yuri bond I suppose. It also held one of the few times Yuzu actually really talks about her feelings with someone, that someone being Sara ~and not Harumin for some goddamn reason~~. They have conversations about the fact that they fell in love with someone who was the same gender.The love triangle was something I could actually get behind in this arc. Yuzu and Mei was the obvious pairing, but Mei and Sara was actually something I would go for. This whole relationship between Mei and Yuzu is so ambiguous, each party being very vague with each other with their feelings and actions that Mei decided to cut the shit and decided to date Sara, something I wouldn't object to. I mean, Mei is at least somewhat responsible for the state her and Yuzu were in that time, but that's something I'll talk about later.Sara herself was good. The thing about Sara, is that she's one the few well adjusted teenagers she's incredibly selfless and empathetic, the latter that seems to be a recurring theme in this anime. She literally asks for consent to kiss her. It takes the entire season for Yuzu to do the same. Her sister Mina attempts to stop Yuzu from getting closer to Mei. At first, it seems that she's a manipulative bitch, like Matsuri, but the differences are, that she really cares for her sister, and stops Yuzu because she doesn't want Sara's heart being broken when she (correctly) predicts her giving up Mei to Yuzu, in one of the few scenes that actually evoke pathos.Also the last episode is so melodramatic, yet adorable. The final confession was pretty good, and while it doesn't end with a life-lasting relationship hinted, just a relationship upgrade, I think it would've fit the anime to have the latter rather than the former.The sexual assaultOk, to be fair, the sexual assault kinda fits. A quality Citrus seems to focus on is empathy, and how some of the characters either attempt to embody that quality, or show ignorance to it. The sexual assault represents how in many stages in the plot, the characters lack empathy to their love interest, AKA Mei. It also fits with the fact that as the show goes on, the molestations and forced kissing tones down, as the characters grow into more empathetic individuals.The musicThe opening's pretty catchy, but the original soundtrack has no right being this good. The violins can get so dramatic, and helps a lot.I said that there were a few scenes that actually evoke pathos and there were. I read somewhere that good music in anime can elevate the quality a lot. And this is true. Your Lie in April, an obviously superior anime in comparison, had a good soundtrack, that was kinda squandered by repetition. Citrus, at least to me, doesn't seem to suffer that same problem. Mina's explanation for her actions is another. I don't know why. It just... brought something out.The dubI was surprised one existed. Let alone a simuldub. The voice acting was fairly decent, though in my opinion it varies wildly. Yuzu's voice was pretty good, considering we hear her internal monologues all the time, but Mei's voice was just amazing. It's so monotone, yet something about its delivery, gives it a surprising amount of range. Her voice can be cold and stern, but can turn shy and vunerable in a moment's notice. The rest of the dub is alright. Would rank slightly below Toradora (the dub not the animedontcrucifyme)HaruminThis doesn't need explanation, really. RIP Harumin screentime though. She plays an important role sometimes, but, well...This is actually a good segue to the problems Citrus has.The bad stuffThe show, with all its good qualities, is brought down hard, extremely so.LengthIts 12 episodes long, despite having multiple arcs. In comparison, Anohana had 13 episodes, and focused on one overarching arc. The consequences are that in Citrus, besides Yuzu and Mei, everyone is kinda static. The "rivals" in the love triangle are "redeemed" in the end, but only by a few scenes. After two episodes, then essentially cease to exist in the plot.You could have an anime of that length, but I think a more traditional 26-episode series would serve it better. More time to develop characters, with the appropriate space for arcs.The sexual assaultIt seems like anyone with a romantic interest towards someone will force some kind of physical affection towards them. Yuzu, Mei, Himiko, and Matsuri are guilty of this. It's ridiculous, and honestly, that's all I needed to say.MeiThe problems are that her character is all over the place. I think if I try pretty hard, I could make a post detailing why Mei does the things she does. But I shouldn't. For the deuteragonist, her motives are poorly explained, and really shouldn't be so confusing. Her behavior towards Yuzu shifts from positive to negative, almost alternating between episodes.Matsuri's arcThis arc is somewhat necessary in Yuzu's development, but my god, aspects of it felt like it came out of an NTR doujinshi. I mean, that statement can be applied to the entire anime, but this arc to me, was just the most ridiculous thing in this anime, and that's saying a lot.I don't think I really tackled everything in this anime, but I think these are all the things I need to say to prove it's not technically trash. So all these things combined, allow me to say one final conclusion, something that would sum up this rant analysis.In my opinion, it's not hentai with the sex scenes filed off. It's rather a drama with edgy scenes added.tl;dr 6/10, the girls are hotbutseriouslythatartstyle. via /r/anime https://ift.tt/2ESCvRQ

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