Start of a despairingly, arduous journey to manhood.

Hey guys,I'm 15 years old and I just subscribed to NoFap on this day, April 22nd 2018.Now having an addiction is bad, like it really sucks to succumb to such a useless desire that only leads to a deep hole of despair. 13 year old me would say "Man, people who smoke are stupid. Smoking only has negative effects and no good." while fapping to porn. I was very narrow minded which is common for young people, what isn't common is young people having a porn addiction.So how did I develop such addiction? It all started in my home town of Italy Arrezzo when I was about 7, where my parent's friend had a party going on ( parties are very common in Asian culture) and I remember being in my brother's friends room where my brother and his friend were watching hentai. Now I was at the back of the room and still caught glimpses of it (it was this girl tied to a machine with toys and you can imagine the rest) but that was the day where I started to develop this insatiable lust.Present day, the past 3 weeks was the only time where I actively tried to fight off this crazy lust. The longest streak was 4 days and let me tell you, the fourth day was probably one of the best days I ever had. So theoretically, it's only on the fourth day where you actually see the results of NoFap but that's my personal opinion from experience.Why do I want to stop fapping? It is because it stops me of fulfilling my long term goals, it makes procrastinate for hours when I should be doing something useful that will help in the long run. And when I finish those long hours of looking at porn videos, I have a shower and think "I'm a terrible human being, I can't believe I watched such videos. From now on I will not fap!" but in the end, I yield to this monster of sexual desires. I remember days when I used to fap multiple times a day. Those were the darkest times of my life.But today is the day where I start my journey, transforming into a better human being and become the best that I can be. This is my declaration that I will not fap for 90 days and maybe even more.This is to all the people who's life changed because of NoFap and to all the people starting this journey like me. The ride will be bumpy, I will have my ups and downs but in the end, I will slay this monster called Lust and I will stand tall and proud. This is the beginning of a new chapter. This is the start of a despairingly, arduous journey to manhood. via /r/NoFap

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