There's really no good app/website for memes

Twitter - accounts always buy out retweets and then eventually sell there account.Reddit - the upvote system is bad for memes since, by it's nature, the 'normie' memes always settle at the top since they appeal to the widest audience. Like nigward's never going to be on top of r/dankmemes. Tho I wouldn't be surprise if there is a good subreddit i just don't know about.Facebook - every time I visit this site I die a little insideIfunny - a literal joke to the internetInstagram - I personally follow a bunch of meme accounts on Instagram but then I get filtered with reposts. Also for some reason I can't hide what I like so people see when I like some weird ass hentai meme which kinda sucks. Also accounts get banned left, right and center so that gets annoying.Like it's not that big of a deal but you would think with the internet being so obsessed with the shit that we would have a convenient way to view the good ones. Like the best way to view them is just to get your friends to send you some. via /r/unpopularopinion

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