Thick Niggas and Anime Tiddies

Intro]"Hello?" (CashMoneyAP)"Yes, you've reached Thick Niggas Incorporated! How may I direct your call?""I need me a thick nigga, but no homo though, cause that's that gay shit... nigga, as long as I say no homo, it's not gay right?""Absolutely right, sir!"[Verse]Anime bitches, I look at her tiddiesThen I take her home and we count up these fiftiesI come to your city, I sneak in yo chimneyI tickle her kidney and then I watch DisneyI love me some hentai, I go on XVIDEOSBitch, I'm Dbangz, stick my dick in your CheeriosBitch, I'm Dbangz, I might fuck my computerI whip out my dick, then pull up on my shooterI tickle your booty and then I get neuteredI know I'm a loser, I tickle your tumorI find me a bitch that got no sense of humorIt's Lil Cumstain, I'm the booty consumerI take her off her shoe and then do the maneuverAnd if she act tough, I might whip out the LugerYou know I'm with Kia, I go to IKEAShe soft like a cheetah, she from Costa RicaHey lil' mama, come through, get respectedShe take off her shoe, I take out my erectionI suck on her middle toe, don't use protectionKid call me "Papi", I teach her a lessonI only eat ass, it's a pussy oppressionYou swear that she loyal, your bitch in my mentionsI whip out my dick, paint her face like PicassoI suck on her toes, then I'm out like El ChapoI look at her bootyhole, eat it like tacosI respect on women, she better not swallowShe touch on my cockpit, I put it on auto"Suck toes and eat ass!", that's the DBongo mottoI cuff me a Kia, then write her a songShe take off her shoe and I take off that thongI whip out my dick, she said, "Baby, what's wrong?""Girl, nothing, I'm bout to smash like I'm King Kong""Papi go harder", I nutted a while backBitch, I'm Dbangz, I ball hard like the WildcatsHe talking bout Troy, she take out her toy'Cause my dick was too small for her to enjoyI meet with the mom, yeah, Kia so bombI whip out my weenie on pornhub.comSwag, swag, swag via /r/copypasta

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