Underground Streeting raceing group rp

In the future there are still problems that go through this world to no end, from this and new technology being made to are cars, most people started to do many things for money, but one of the most known are athe street racing league, people and aliens from everywhere race to see if they can get not only money but to make a name out for a themselves, the league is everywhere around the world and are seen in the media as ruthless, when it’s what these people have left to survive, and to survive is to make it to the finish line.Look in this super cool and new idea I feel no one has done you are either in a team with some people you like, or your all on your own, your race around the streets of this futuristic world because your getting the cash, driving for the enjoyment, or are looking to put your name in history, for this world street racing, drag racing, drift racing is game for well profit money as well as to get your life a bit more exciting, but I’m going to put up the ground rules for this place.Rule 1 If your going to get all horny and shit and want to show off your dick, boobs, taint, asshole,Pussy or some sort of left arm in your back, I’m going to kick you out so far out of here your going to feel my boi straight up your ass and you will just keep walking away with you rubbing one out of my room(simple version, no nudes)Rule 2 Memes, and pics are good, but none of that loli hentai or the fbi will come and arrest you and your going to be locked up with buba, and he will go and make you a bitch, aka I report you.Rules 3 No god modding, boi if your going to to have a hybrid that can barely do around 100 miles and then it somehow goes in to gear 100 and win the race, we going to go to your car and grab a sledgehammer and slam it all over your car and then poor gasoline all over it, pray to jimmy and burn that mother fucker up to a crisp boi.Rule 4 Furries are cool as long as I don’t see you flashing or sucking someone off because I will put that mussel on your so you will never suck anything but the Metal pipe of my ban gun.Rule 5 Look I get depressed and shit all the time, but I will not be a bitch and start to talk about it the room so you can get a girl or boy to dm you, you best be telling it in the dms and I would hope you get well, I can help, just talk to me and I will try to help with a room I call the “talk it out room”Rule 6 I want no edgy fucks in my room, look man in this rp you got to have confidence and shit, I’m fine with a joke that can be edgy, but none of that fucking crap where I see “I drive in my black ae86 with demonic logos all over it, I just came back from hell where my daddy Satan was wiping my girl and raped her so I slit his throat and I come to this place to take over by racing everybody” like that shit is for a episode of fairy “bitchs ain’t shit but tits and ass”tail, you got to understand I’m ok with aliens and demons, but I do not want a “nothing personal kid” because I will call bubbaRule 7 Now lady’s I get that you love to show off a lot of skin, boi I do that when I want to have fun in the club, but I will not let you come in to my CHRISTIAN SERVER and start to dress in some bikini or thot clothing, as well I do not want to see your nipples popping, your characters nudies, this goes to the dudes too, I get it man you want to show that your the cock of the walk but look boi, I👏will👏ban👏you👏do👏you👏under👏stand👏me👏Rule 8 Do not be a dick or a little bitch if you lost, if you lost you lost dude, try again and get better every time, complaining won’t get you anywhere hear my dudes, I think there is a system of this kind of racing like a dnd system , if you lost the roll it’s fine.Now that your read all of the rules now we get to the fun part, how your character is and what he/she/it is all about, you get to put a name, age, gender, freelancer or with a team, how they look, and one or more cars they drive and what they look like, and there story, all in a character sheet that you must make before doing anything here, ones you do we look at it and see if you did everything, there are a few things that are fine so you don’t got to put it all it you could add stuff to it.Hey If you know a dnd system then just tell me so we can use it hereHope you enjoy this rp ideaMy kik is Formula231 via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2qHSaPZ

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