Visual Novel suggestions for a VN newcomer who i heavily into JRPGs like Trails or Persona?

So basically I'm new to the genre itself. As a JRPG fan Utawarerumono Mask of Deception was suggested to me as a somewhat gateway drug and it totally clicked with me (i even count it among the 5 best games, actually i'm talking about the dualogy in general, I've ever played now). Then I've played Corpse Party Book of Shadows, as people suggested it was somehow like Persona, loved it. And now I'm playing Steins Gate; and I'm totally immersed right now...So after this, do you have good suggestions for someone who is into JRPGs and wants to get into VNs? I'm a HUGE Legend of Heroes Trails and Persona 3,4,5 fan. So any VNs that have similar settings (either military/fantasy or school/demons/psychology/modern Tokyo) are fine with me...Just one thing: Pls mark your suggestions with a specific warning if they have eroge content. I try to play non-eroge games at first as the hentai stuff makes it impossible for me to get emotionally attached to the characters... via /r/vnsuggest

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