Want something dark

Hey there, I feel like playing a VN, really not sure which to play tho.I do not like fanservice, cute stuff, slice-of-life and hentai. I do like dark fucked up stories.Here are my thoughts on the VNs I played over the years so you can kinda understand my preferences:999 Trilogy: what got me into accepting VNs as cool story medium. loved all the plot twists and crazy stuff.Never7 and Ever17: tried it because of how much I loved 999, but both are so slow and full of slice of life... OkDevil in G string: couldn't play for more than a half dozen hours or so, can't stand the slice of life.Danganronpa 1+2+3: also pretty cool, except the happy moments dragged on.Song of Saya: this one was fucked up. I loved it. Except... spoilersMuv-Luv Alternative: read summary of Extra (couldn't stand playing it), played Unlimited + Alternative. Those strategy graphs, military jargon, chaos were so dope. First hour or so of Unlimited had my heart pumping, seeing how fucked the world was and seeing the struggle was so awesome. spoilers dont read unless you've finished while a bit slow and with some predictable stuff, really great VN. Just finished this one a moment ago. All the others were played years ago. via /r/vnsuggest https://ift.tt/2JuDxHn

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