weaboo neckbeard AMA

According to you guys I am.I’ve watched over 500 anime, have invested $8000+ into anime (been collecting manga, light novels, pvc,castoffs,figmas, and nenodoroids). Love imouto incest and loli hentai. Find 3D women disgusting (except JAV can handle that because it’s not as degenerate) so 2D all the way. Favourite series is fate, played all the visual novels of fate/stay night to 100% and replayed them 10 times or more. Favourite anime is Re:zero. Favourite light novel series is sword art online. Favourite manga is Jojos bizzare adventure (have whole collection except for part 8).Personal life:fresh uni grad, bachelors in comp sci, currently working as software engineer for amazon, make around 80k a year (in Canada). Have done an internship at IBM and Ubisoft montreal.Never had a gf, find 3D women repulsive. Don’t live with my parents but they thought I was gay and then thought I was a pedo in highschool because I had love live hentai and a bunch of Loli hentai on my desktop.Also games I play: final fantasy XIV (4 years), shadowverse (since beta $1000 invested), fate/grand order (since summer 2017 $6000 invested), granblue fantasy ($2000 invested), final fantasy brave exvius ($5000 invested)Favourite games: Tales of Mothership series, Legend of Heroes series, Final Fantasy series, Persona series, Chrono Trigger, Hyper dimension Neptunia series, Ys series. via /r/justneckbeardthings https://ift.tt/2EBAOIr

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