What are the things you can get silenced for in osu?

I made this to inform the newbies what you can say and cannot in #osu (a channel where you can talk about osu! but most of the time is used for shit-posting). I've got silenced about 6 or 7 times now, and 2 of them were because of kinda stupid things...anyways here's the list of things you can get silenced for in #osu :-Spamming (you can also get silenced for spamming in private chat...fucking stupid ikr) -fuck and other curse words -faggot -cock sucker, dick, pussy,etc. -niBBer -niBBa - Boku no Pico (a hentai that nobody in the world would recommend. "Boku no Pico" translates to "My Pico" in English and getting silenced for saying "My Pico" is basically getting silenced for saying "My James") - gae (this was the reason I got silenced for and the most stupidest reason in this list...it wasn't even spelled correctly...a fucking drunk mod silenced me for this, like... how butt-hurt do you have to be to silence a guy for saying gay that's not even spelled correctly)If there's more words I missed then please let me know in the comments. If this helped you then please upvote and if it didn't...meh ._. via /r/osugame https://ift.tt/2JBmC4W

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