What the heck?!

I am a huge fan of this anime and after ep. 14, I became desperate for more. I went to check on the manga to see if it was ahead of the anime, (idk if manga is ever ahead of the anime) and once I read a few pages, I realized that it was basically soft core hentai. The anime is nothing like that (thank god), so it really startled me to see Zero Two’s zero twos (ya know... her tits). I read on, only to find that Nana’s clothes are drawn way to tight, and the Franxx are drawn to have giant shiny asses. Now someone please educate me, and tell me if all manga is like this, or this one is just strange. For all the horny hentai boys, I’ll link it down here: https://ift.tt/2H0A4Tn via /r/DarlingInTheFranxx https://ift.tt/2qBV0Fd

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