What kind of conversation would your teams have before a mission starts?

Just a little thought I had while bored, and ill, and wondered what kind of conversation would you teams have with one another.You can make it short, a few paragraphs, or as long as you like. Want to read some stuff while I'm stuck in bed.It can be comical or serious is up to you.Three rulesServant limit is 1-5 + a support servant from your friend list, don't need to name the friend support.Please name the event you used this team to farm.Please refrain from using the buster meme team as that conversation would be seriously stale as hell like "I want a holiday" or something like that.JP Valentine event 201840 AP Berserker node with Oda Nobunaga as bossServant Team: Void Shiki, Kuro, Support Abby 1st ascension, Okita and two extrasKuro greets both Shiki and Okita and wonders who will be joining them.When Abby appears and introduce herself Kuro tackles her to the ground. Proceeds to "Mana Transfer" before Void uses the back of her sword to knock Kuro off.Abby cries at how scary Kuro is looking at her, Okita reassures Abby while coughing up blood.During the entire farming mission Kuro edge closer and closer to Abby. Naturally scaring herKuro gets scolded by her Master.Next day Kuro waits with gleeful look when she told Abby will be working with them today again. Tentacles reach out from the portal and 3rd ascension Abby appears.Proceeds to "This is a hentai right??" scene with Kuro asking for help. The others ignore the scene.The Chimera noticing Kuro looking half dead rolls over and plays dead, just so it can watch Kuro get lewd by Abby as an act of revenge of having Kuro slice it up all of yesterday.Saber Wars Re-run40 AP Ruler Jeanne d'Arc bossServant Team: Void Shiki, Support MHX, Musashi and Okita with two other SabersMHX wants to run away from Void but finds that she will be working with her for the rest of the week. Void bullies MHX with suggestion of having a match later on.Why not comment on other peoples scene saying it's accurate or not? But please play nicely.Off to down that bottle of flu medicine via /r/grandorder https://ift.tt/2Hm5u6S

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