Whining and dining bitch mommy

I could easily seduce any girl from my school. And since I'm home schooled, I decided to try to seduce my teacher, too. Any one reading along, you can use my methods as a step by step guide.As luck would have it, bitch-mommy said we would learn about the history of Japan today. I began my seduction by blowing her mind with my vast knowledge of the land of the rising sun. First I taught her how Japan actually faked the loss of WW2 and the "nuclear explosions" were staged lwith three bottles of toilet cleaner and some tin foil. Then I taught her about the culture of Japan (anime) and then I played some hentai videos on my tablet. When the video finished, I revealed to her that I was fully aroused and wet at the tip. She ran to the bathroom, vomiting from her overwhelming lust for me.So here we are, she is still vomiting in the bathroom and presumably masturbating while she recounts the romantic day. I'm not sure if she could have gotten pregnant from our exchange, but that is the risk of being near me. Ok, so I'll admit I was a virgin before that but not any more! Fuck you Chad, and Brad, for trying to steal her affections. via /r/Tendies https://ift.tt/2qIyzPr

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