Why do some people think anyone who watches anime are weird?

So I started getting back into anime after I found this sub an r/animesuggst since the reason I got out of it was due to not having much to watch or read. And I was watching Shokugeki no Souma and these guys walk past and say “f*cking weaboo, watch your goddamn hentai at home.” I just looked at them with a confused look and I said “did I do something”. And I know that this anime with its foodgasms can look a bit weird to people who don’t about the show and if it’s a hentai of not, but it was when they were cooking so they lost that benefit of the doubt. I’ve been noticing people say this and even my parents are starting to think something is wrong with me. Why does this happen and where did this even come from cuz it is hard to think such an amazing community can get such hate just because they don’t understand. Sorry if this was long but I’ve gotten tired of it and even am thinking of not watching anime unless I’m sure I’m alone for fear of getting flack for something I shouldn’t be. I love this community and want to stay a part of it but sometimes people make life just suck. Thanks for reading this and I really appreciate everyone here. via /r/anime https://ift.tt/2vNGpMw

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