Women will never solve your problems

In light of recent events in Toronto and all the incel-related content I’ve seen recently, I want to put this out there and hopefully remind the men of trp and beyond that they desperately need to depedestalize women. Clearly the thousands of past posts on this haven’t sunk in.Anecdote time. I was a student at UCSB and living in Isla Vista the night Elliot Rodger went on his shooting spree and killed 6 people. The same Elliot Rodger who posted multiple YouTube videos and an extensive online manifesto in which he discussed his hatred of the women around him due to their lack of interest in him. The same Elliot Rodger that has become a meme and a martyr figure in the incel community online. The same Supreme Gentleman that the recent Toronto attacker posted an homage to on Facebook some time prior to running his van into a crowd of people. Rodger spent his years convinced that the reason he was unhappy was because he didn’t have women in his life. Never once did he shift the focus onto himself. Never once did he think that maybe he was lacking the traits and character qualities that women value. No, rather he was convinced that women ignored him due to some cruel cosmic joke, and in a desperate attempt to finally get their attention he got himself a gun, killed a few sorority girls and eventually offed himself in his car with police on his tail. Good job kid.Rodger lives on within certain sects of the internet. To the hundreds of thousands of basement dwelling, Mountain Dew chugging, hentai fapping, neck bearding human males out there, Rodger is a de-facto hero and martyr. A boy who spent his life in forced social isolation, watching those around him lead the lives he so desperately wanted for himself, without even a passing glance in his direction. A boy who got so fed up with his insignificance that he eventually mustered up the balls to do something about it. Let’s be honest here, I think most of the people that frequent this sub can relate to parts of his story. I know I can. A lot of us can painfully remember the years we spent wishing things were different, wishing we could be cool and get pussy like those other guys. Those are the memories that now drive us to constantly strive for better.Rodger’s idea of striving for better was wearing a Hugo Boss button down and smirking at girls at the bus stop. He never thought to himself that maybe women are repulsed by skinny, pretentious, socially retarded softies. He never saw himself for what he truly was, and it eventually destroyed him.Rodger’s story, while tragic, is a valuable cautionary tale for the young men of this generation. Look at yourselves. Recognize your shortcomings. Work to improve upon the weaknesses you can control. Work to make peace with those you cannot. Do this consistently and effectively and before you know it, you will be living a life better than you ever thought possible. Work to look better, be smarter, and have more fun. Work to make more money, make more friends, and have more life experiences. Become someone attractive, and people will be attracted to you. And I don’t mean attractive in a solely physical sense. Ever see an absolute dime with a relatively ugly guy and think “Why is she with him?” It’s likely because he’s a cool motherfucker with social proof up the ass and fun shit happening around him ALL THE TIME. She just wants to be along for the ride.There are things in life we cannot control. We can’t choose where we are born, nor to whom, nor in what financial circumstances. We can’t control when we start balding, nor how tall we grow, nor the color of our skin. But it doesn’t matter, because none of these things bring happiness or fulfillment. As men, we are always in control of our lives. When you go around spewing bullshit about black pills you are cheating yourself out of the truth: you will always be able to improve the life you lead. You just have to be strong enough to do so. Women will never bring you happiness, but you can create it. This is God’s gift to men. via /r/TheRedPill https://ift.tt/2HB6x2H

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