Wondering if Funhaus ever thought of using Nutaku?

Hello,I'm a long time watcher but first-time poster. I've always liked all of the content that Funhaus has produced (even from back at Inside Gaming). I never thought about recommending them games because they always seem to pick the games that they're best at making content with, but I was doing my monthly search on Nutaku.net for Sex/Hentai games and I remembered all the steam games they played that had censored nudity.Nutaku has an uncensored version of a lot of those games and a few more that they could try. Obviously they'd still need to censor to publish, but I was wondering if they wanted to give those games another shot to see how they were uncensored or maybe try new Dating Sim/Different Genre Nude games?Maybe it wouldn't add much for them to watch the actual sex scenes and record their reactions, but I was wondering if they knew that was an option.I didn't know how to get in touch with them, so I dusted off my reddit account and I hope this post follows the rules.I don't want to advertise Nutaku, I've just been buying games from there for a bit so I know that it's at least a place to start for Hentai/Sex games. There are other stores on the net.Thank you for your time. via /r/funhaus https://ift.tt/2IO89lZ

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