28 [M4F]

I'm a yinzer, but not really into sports. Go stillers n'at. Employed as desktop support, so computers n'at. Looking for someone to snap with about pretty much anything really. All the clichés:Avid gamer, i like to build PC's, watch movies, read (just finished dark tower), eat, relax and hit the gym. Also a huge anime fan and love my share of hentai.We can talk about any of the above referenced material or anything you'd like to open up about. Doesn't matter to me. It can all be nonsexual, as sexual as you want or bits and pieces of both, if you're comfortable.FYI! Had three pretty shitty days of working out so we can talk motivation and form if that's your thing, too.PM me for snap username. Looking forward to chatting. via /r/snapchat https://ift.tt/2rO0X3c

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