A artist i followed just deceased

I just found out a furry/hentai artist i follow has died this left me in a depressed state. I wanted to tell him some compliments about his art cause he didn't get many. Porn artist are human too and they can die its weird that behind every artwork of a weird fetish theres a human behind. I also want to do art and im thinking is it okay that this is what i leave behind should i be ashamed why are people shaming furrys when there have been cases of suicide on the community because of this haters. from now on I'll tell every artist how much i appreciate their work. This artist died without having any compliments on his art and all he wanted was just for his art to be appreciated. Theres nothing i can tell him now. I want to draw nsfw but also funny stuff i. Scared this would make my death less tragic im scared of the shame im scared of the stigma if being a furry via /r/offmychest https://ift.tt/2FYkgeB

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