A4F hentai/rule 34 scenes recreated

Have you ever saw a rule 34 picture that you really like? Or an hentai scene you would love to replay? Then im your girl! I can play male futa or we could do a yuri rp. Im mostly lesbian so i ask for other girls, but im fine with guys as long as you play girls. Be a little detailed, and maybe be able to play multiple characters. I also have pictures/gifs that you can pick from, and we can rp that. Dm me if your interested and want more details~! Hope to rp with some of you soon. We could also make up our own plot, instead of using pictures or hentai scenes. I was thinking that we could trade off, such as you or I pick a scene that we would like to replay then I pick one next. No real life scenes though play, I prefer drawn. My kik is mariomaker2014. (Im open to rp overwatch, however im not that interested in it, as I done it many times.) via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2k9gPsE

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