Anyone wish they never have a sex drive?

My sex drive is a piece of shit at times. It started out as masturbation to porn at 13 (titanic drawing scene was a favorite for a long time) - and it was "ok" then, I felt awkward in the early years and even a little ashamed.Then as time progressed my taste got more and more bizzarre. I am 30 years old and my taste for sex has become demented - vanilla porn just doesn't do it for me it has to be hardcore and bizzarre (mostly hentai and crazy roleplaying fantasy)When I am horned up and eager I am thinking "Yeahh! this is so hot" only followed by "What the f*ck did I just finish to" then slowly walk away from the PC trying to forget what I just did...only to return in a day or two".Can anyone else relate? via /r/sex

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