At 23yo, ready to cure my PIED, but some questions before it...

I am now 23yo, have been watching porn and masturbating since 16yo and I was always interested in some unusual taste Japanese porn, hentai manga or even erotic stories such as bondage, gangbang, abuse, or even BDSM. Why I discovered I got PIED, is that I found myself having ED with my current and previous girlfriends. For most of the moments having sex, I could not have enough sexual desire for my partners, I need to close my eyes and imagine the porn scenes which are extremely hardcore to stimulate my penis for even a little erection.Originally I thought I have some physical problems that caused this becuase I got no morning woods for almost 3 years, but after I have tried Cialis and Viagra, I found they are completely useless for me. Also, I couldn't even erect to some light taste (or normal) porn which only consists of normal sexual intercourse, no matter how hard I tried. At that moment, I searched on the web and found out that the most possible answer for my situation is PIED.Therefore, I have decided to start the nofap, and today is the 7th day. And during this period, I have some questions regarding my situation and wants to ask you guys here, I will be grateful if I can have some opinions from all of you. First, I want to know will my nofap become a waste if I got the porn or hentai manga fantasy over my mind (without MO, but with strong erection) during this period (most likely on bed before sleep)?Second, as some of my close friends said they keep masturbating for years even longer than me, they don't have any ED problems. May I know are the patients who had unusual taste on porn (which means much differ from reality or normal sex), will more likely suffer from PIED?That's all of my questions on it, I really hope some of the experienced guys here can give me some suggestions or opinions to help me get through this challenge. Thank you. via /r/NoFap

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