Confessions of a Teenage Cosplayer — I met the incarceration of Reddit

Edit: I met incarnation in the title and it won’t let me change it so I guess I have to learn to live with myself and my sins + formattingHello, hello, my dear cringe viewers, con goers, and just general people who somehow found your way to r/weeabootales or r/neckbeardstories because I’m posting these on both. Someone commented a series name (I have to refind their user) so I guess this is all official now.Yesterday I typed out a lovely saga about Chan-Chan, the semi-pedophilic man who tried to turn me into a prostitute. And I was trying to think of what could possibly fuel everyone’s depression more than Chan-Chan, and I think I found a good substitute.Let’s cover the basics, Incase you’re new:Background: - I’m a part time, barely legal cosplay model. I travel to cons at least once a month and meet all sorts of people, good and bad. Along with that, I’m pretty much perfect neckbeard bait— I love anime and manga, I love video games, I’ve seen all the Marvel movies and, of course, if you pay me enough I’ll cosplay your favorite character. This story takes place quite recently, actually, it was a couple months ago. So at the time, I’m 17.Players: - Me, if necessary I’ll refer to myself as Mae cause of the username - Boss, my main photographer. I work with him way more than anyone else, and he’s currently only a minor character - Incel, your local weeb neckbeard of the evening.What I was wearing (that’s always important): - Normal clothing, no makeup. This happened on Thursday and I only do setup and stuff on Thursdays, no photo shoots.Now then, let us begin!This con takes place in a rather crowded convention hall. Granted, most cons are crowded, but this in particular was a fairly large con, meaning I get zero free time. The larger the con, the larger the work.Most of the time, I help my photographer set up. I help steam backgrounds if he’s using them, raise lights, carry equipment, etc. And I’m not gonna claim I am Superman, here, I mean I’m kinda scrawny and small and 5’. So often times people will see me struggling and offer to help.One man decided to help me that evening, a man with a thin greasy mullet. He didn’t have a fedora, sadly (because I’m still waiting for someone to actually tip their fedora at me) but he was tall, lanky, dressed in a semi-weird outfit so I couldn’t tell if he was cosplaying. I agreed, this equipment was particularly heavy.He asked where I was carrying this to, and I said Boss. I explained the giant badge on me (these badges looked different than the normal ones) was both press and VIP since I was working this con.He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Oh, I work for boss too! I’m Incel!”Now y’all it’s been a while since I started working for Boss, I have a lot of damn pics with him. And this man is literally no where in these pics and I’ve never seen him before so I’m like “ooo......Kay....”He proceeds to tell me that an ex-coworker who had retired introduced him to Boss. Apparently they took pictures together once.Two years ago. He paid him. And that makes him a professional cosplay model.So I’ve now been put in this awkward situation as I carry my shitpounds of equipment to Boss, and this man doesn’t even give me a chance to tell him he doesn’t work for Boss, because he just continues—“You know, I’m cosplaying right now!”oh, so is that what the tin cans on your shoulders are. and believe me, idc what level of cosplaying you’re at, amateur or pro. Just that this man was claiming to be a pro“I’m so glad I met Boss 2 years ago! I guess I’ve been here longer than you. Can’t believe we never met.”I’ve been here for 6 months I would of remembered you bud“Since most girl cosplayers are such bitches.”oh no pause game time out“They think they’re so entitled cause they have good bodies. I don’t need their bodies, I have hentai for that.”delete mae.char“And I’m such a nice guy! And they never even give me a chance because I’m a dude. I barely even have any friends because they all fall victim to thots. You know r/incels? Of course you don’t Mae, you are a girl—“NOT THE INCELS“I can’t believe they banned it. But you, you’re cool. But I feel you do owe me since I’m helping you..”I regret my life”So we should meet up later..”“No.”I took the equipment from him and said, “I AM a cosplay model. You aren’t.”Have you ever crushed someone’s dreams? I’m pretty sure I saw the life drain out of his eyes. And I’m supposed to be really nice at cons so oh this isn’t good, this is con security’s job not mine —“Fine, I see you’re just like every other girl! I’ll show you! I’m a real cosplay model!”And he stormed off.So I was hoping that was dead and done but uh, that’s not how weeb neckbeards work. Because as soon as I woke up the next morning, I woke up to a flurry of texts on my professional account. I could probably dig around and find the screenshots, but he basically said stuff like, “I’m sorry” and then “fuck you whore” and then after that “can you cosplay Honoka from love love” because every single neckbeard has a wet dream waifu.I checked his Facebook profile recently; and apparently he still has Boss listed as his main employer. Which is kinda wild, because both Boss and I told him off. I guess he lives in his own dream world. via /r/weeabootales

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