Confessions of a Teenage Cosplayer - Pure for Husbando

Hello hello my dear viewers, cringe lovers and all around possible weebs. Your girl Mae is back with another story — albeit this one isn’t as creepy, because I only come across dudes straight up proclaiming their love for hentai every once in a blue moon.Now then, let me set the stage!Background:For those of you who are new, I’m a professional cosplay model. I go to a con at least once a month, I interact with both the best and the worst kinds of geeks. This particular story takes place around Christmas, the con I went to is a rather large con with lots of friendly people.Players:Mae - Me, your typical Danganronpa fangirl. I’m 17, so I’m barely legal, and I’m rather short. I was cosplaying Chiaki Nanami at the time, she’s basically a cute girl who loves video games.Asuna- Your weeb of the evening. Super tall and lanky and loves SAO. She wasn’t cosplaying, just wearing a naruto fan shirt, furry cat ears and a tail.And here we gooo !This particular con is actually one of my favorite cons to attend, so I talk to a lot of people. Because it’s so close to Christmas, there’s a lot of Christmas-like activities, and it makes me super happy. I’ve met a lot of friends at this con in particular.And while I was hanging out, squealing a bit in joy because Santa Deadpool just gave me a free Steins;Gate manga, a girl approached me. Now, my first clue should of been the ensemble of an outfit, but you have to remember this is a convention, dressing like that is more than appropriate.She told me I looked super cute despite not knowing where my cosplay came from, I thanked her and complimented the fluffiness of her ears. It started off pretty normal, considering the one-offs people have word vomited on me at cons. Well, until I introduced myself..“Oh, by the way, my name is Mae!”“May I call you Mae-Sama?”watWe were talking in English but I think to myself, ‘Maybe this is her first con, so she thinks you’re supposed to act like this? And she doesn’t know that Sama means master????’ So I said to her, “Oh no you don’t have to!””But I want to! You’re a master Cosplayer you know! I want to, Mae-Sama!”this was,, creepy,, and she was staring at me far too intensely. She introduced herself as Asuna, and in a desperate attempt to bring back the nice conversation we were having, I asked her what her favorite anime was.That was my BIGGEST mistake.”Sword Art Online! I know it’s not well liked but it’s so beautifully done. The girls are so cute and Kirito is a total husbando I want to scoop him up or just be in there!”ooookay. I tell her my favorite series is Danganronpa, she says she’s never heard of it, so I tell her it’s a bunch of kids killing each other (because that is what it is lmao) and she looks repulsed”That sounds disgusting, Mae-Sama! You’re a pure loli waifu, you shouldn’t be watching such horrible things!”damn i still hate being called a loliI tell her, “I like psychological horror, the girl I’m cosplaying is from it. Also I’m not a loli—“”Shame on them for putting such cute girls in the series, then! You are, you’re a pure loli waifu, one who is the master of me, Mae-Sama!”wait whatThen she proceeded to try and tell me it’s ‘as I command, bocchan (young master)’ in Japanese, but it kind of sucks for her that Japanese is my second language and I can tell the horrible failure of pronunciation she did.So I just decide to shatter her thinking by stating, “People die in SAO—“”Yeah but they just kind of disappear, it’s peaceful.”“No it’s not, they’re in their own killing game! Anyway, I’m allowed to like what I like.””You’ll never get a husbando like that, Kirito loves me because I’m pure.”kirito does wat now.This took me back, because I’d met neckbeards who thought they loved waifus, and I actively ghost r/waifuism for the cringe, but I never actually considered that this semi-furry was also one of those people.Also I’m gay so if I’m going for fictional characters I want a chick, man.“I’m not.. straight.. so.. I guess I wouldn’t get a husbando..”This was my second mistake.”Oh no. I can’t talk to you. Girls who don’t understand husbando love are way beyond tainted.”I feel like I’ve been blindsided so many times during this conversation. Also, side note, I don’t like Kirito as a character and that has nothing to do with my flaming love of titties.”What a shame, I wanted you to master me in cosplay. Kirito would love for me to dress up in a slutty kawaii outfit but pass it off as cosplay.”what happened to being pure for husbando, that doesn’t sound very pure...And I mean, I’m used to being slut-shamed, just look at the Chan-Chan post, but my outfits aren’t actually slutty at all? Look up Chiaki Nanami and you’ll see what I’m talking about.So I was pretty much done with that, I got up and walked away.I guess she’s technically a legbeard, so I’ll post this on both my usual subs. Sorry if I didn’t tell this story in a super interesting way, I’m tired as hell. I actually have a con next weekend so maybe I’ll have a lot more stories (but don’t worry, I’m not even close to running low. I’ve been doing this for more than 6 months now. via /r/weeabootales

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