Do you guys have any tips & advice how to deal with &/or survive when & if I'm ever surrounded by blue pill family or family members

Don't get me wrong I do love my family including my parents & no I don't know if everyone in my family is a blue pill,red pill or is someone in my family a mgtow like me & I swear my family is fucking normies when I'm a a otaku.If you guys want to know how much do my family know about me & how much do my family know about my power level I'll gladly say it again that no one irl knows that I'm a otaku or should I say the extent of my power level,I'm a hentai fan,I love hentai both VR & non-VR & I love hentai stuff yet luckily.But however my family including my parents & my friends do know that I'm a gamer & I'm a final fantasy fan/huge fan aka final fantasy nerd & as 1 example is when we got back yesterday or last night when we still have a bit light almost night time from hanging out with my family at my grandparents house because to celebrate grandpa's birthday.& 1 of my aunts acted like she don't know a damn thing about Dragon Ball series all she asked if I liked it the fuck so I kept calm & say I love the original Dragon Ball Z not Dragon Ball Z Kai since I hate Dragon Ball Z Kai & I told her I have a complete collection of DBGT all 64 episodes+DBGT movie as my biggest thing in my collection.If anyone ever does give Dragon Ball Z Kai I don't mind added to my collection too as well but I refuse to watch it sorry & I haven't told her for now I'm on episode 3 or 4 of Dragon Ball Super so far at the moment she asked what I've been doing all i say was watching anime & gaming.To end it or at least for now no my family including my parents don't even know that so far I'm a mgtow so far thanks,thanks for reading,thanks for your understanding & thanks for your extra tips & your extra advice ahead of time :) via /r/MGTOW

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